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Other medicines for psychoneurous nerve
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  • Amount and Price

    18 Tablet x1 Piece

    1,380 yen+Tax

    36 Tablet x1 Piece

    2,480 yen+Tax

  • Indication

    ・The following symptoms with abnormal tension, spasm, and pain of muscles:
    Lower back pain, stiff shoulders, muscular pain, frozen lower back, frozen shoulders, neuralgia, crick in the neck, sprain, contusion, muscular pain after sports, joint pain

  • Dosage regimen

    Take the following amount of medicine without chewing with cold or lukewarm water. Avoid taking the medicine on an empty stomach.

    Age/ One dose/ Daily dose
    15 years or over/ 2 tablets/ 3 times
    12-14 years/ 1 tablet/ 3 times
    Under 12 years/ Do not take.

    <Precautions regarding dosage and directions>
    (1)Children are permitted to take this medicine only under the direction and supervision of a parent or other responsible adult.
    (2)Please follow the recommended dosage and directions.
    (3)How to take out a tablet
    As shown in the figure (right), press the protruded portion of the PTP sheet with your finger to tear the aluminum foil and take out a tablet. (If you swallow the PTP sheet by mistake, its sharp edges may perforate your esophagus, etc., resulting in serious complications.)

  • Ingredients / Quantity

    In 6 tablets (daily dose for persons aged 15 years or over)

    Suppresses the reflex of nerves, removes abnormal tension and stiffness of muscles, and relieves pain/ Methocarbamol/ 1500 mg
    The non-pyrine analgesic ingredient relieves pain./ Ethenzamide/ 900 mg
    Helps the effect of pain suppressing ingredients/ Anhydrous caffeine/ 90 mg
    Helps the effect of ingredients that improve abnormal tension and stiffness of muscles, by improving peripheral blood flow/ Tocopherol acetate(vitamin E acetate)/ 90 mg
    Helps the effect of pain suppressing ingredients/ Dibenzoyl thiamine(vitamin B1 derivative)/ 24 mg

    Inactive ingredients: Carmellose calcium, sodium citrate hydrate, magnesium stearate, hydroxypropylcellulose, anhydrous silicic acid, magnesium aluminometasilicate

  • Characteristic

    ・Methocarbamol, the main ingredient, suppresses the reflex of nerves, removes abnormal tension and stiffness of muscles, and relieves pain.
    ・This medicine is an oval white tablet containing ethenzamide that relieves pain.
    ・Dibenzoyl thiamine, tocopherol acetate, etc. that help the effects of methocarbamol and ethenzamide act in synergy, and improve symptoms (stiff shoulders, lower back pain, and muscular pain) with abnormal tension, spasm, and pain of muscles.

  • Important reference information

    What you should NOT do
    (If you do not follow the precautions listed below, your current symptoms may worsen and you may be at an increased risk of side effects and accidents.)
    1.The following persons should not take this medicine:
    (1)Persons who have had allergies to this medicine or ingredients of this medicine
    (2)Persons who have had asthma after taking this medicine or other antipyretic analgesics or cold medicines
    2.Do not take any of the following medicines while you take this medicine:
    Antipyretic analgesics, cold medicines, sedating drugs
    3.Do not operate vehicles or machines after taking this medicine.
    (Sleepiness, etc. may appear.)
    4.Do not drink alcohol before or after taking this medicine.
    5.Do not take this medicine regularly for long periods.

    Who should seek consultation
    1.The following persons should consult a physician, pharmacist, or registered salesperson* before taking this medicine:
    (1)Persons under treatment by a physician or dentist
    (2)Women who are or may be pregnant
    (3)Children (12-14 years) who have or may be having chickenpox or flu
    (4)Elderly persons
    (5)Persons who have had allergies to medicines or something
    (6)Persons diagnosed with the following conditions:
    Heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, gastric and duodenal ulcer
    2.Stop taking this medicine immediately and consult a physician, pharmacist, or registered salesperson if the following symptoms appear after taking this medicine because they might be side effects of the medicine. Take this leaflet with you.

    Affected area/ Symptoms
    Skin/ Rashes, redness, itching
    Digestive organs/ Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, stomach discomfort
    Neuropsychiatric system/ Dizziness, lightheadedness, sleepiness
    Others/ Excessive body temperature decrease

    In rare cases, serious symptoms might occur. In such a case, immediately consult a physician.

    Names of symptoms/ Symptoms
    Mucocutaneous ocular syndrome (Stevens-Johnson syndrome), toxic epidermal necrolysis/ Symptoms such as high fever, hyperemia of the eyes, eye discharge, ulceration of the lips, sore throat, rashes and redness of a large area of the skin persist or suddenly worsen.

    3.Stop taking this medicine and consult a physician, pharmacist, or registered salesperson if symptoms do not improve after taking this medicine for about two weeks. Take this leaflet with you.
    ・Registered salesperson: person who has the license to sell OTC medicines except Category 1.

    (1)Store the medicine in its box in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.
    (2)Keep out of the reach of children.
    (3)To prevent improper use or loss of quality, do not transfer the medicine to another container.
    (4)Do not take this medicine after the expiration date.

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